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This website was established, and subsequently expanded, to provide as meaningful an insight as possible into the part played by the Isle of Bute during World War II, and it seeks to do this by providing the following information:   

Bute's unique and definitive role during Word War II

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Bute's 60th Anniversary V-Day Commemoration 23rd - 26th June 2005

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Audio recording of British Prime Minster Neville Chamberlain's
address to the Nation on 3rd September 1939
declaring war on Germany
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In the same way that no part of Britain can honestly assert that it was immune from, or untouched by, the events of World War II, so too there cannot be many parts of Britain, especially on a geographic scale of only 15 miles long by 5 miles across at its widest, that can claim to have witnessed greater and more-varied military involvement than the tiny Isle of Bute (click for location map), strategically snuggled amongst neighbouring islands and mainland peninsulas in the western waters of the Clyde Estuary. Yet the historical record, which has heroism, sacrifice, ingenuity, commitment and compassion emblazoned across it, had become increasingly at risk of fading irretrievably into oblivion.

It is in this context, of a spectacular story to be told and an imperative that it should never be forgotten among succeeding generations, that an application was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund to seek funding for a programme of events to commemorate Bute's wartime involvements, as part of Britain's 60th Anniversary of V-Day celebrations in 2005. The Lottery's "Home Front Recall" Fund very generously allocated a sizeable sum to Bute's commemoration programme, and the establishment of the predecessor of this website (now much expanded) was just one of the many projects for which funding was approved. Its purpose is to communicate Bute's story to as wide an audience as possible, and to facilitate people sharing their wartime experiences and accounts of happenings on Bute.

For a full account of Bute's 60th Anniversary of V-Day Commemorations Click here

More information regarding the Isle of Bute's wartime involvement can be accessed HERE

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: "Bute-at-War" and the people of Bute wish to record their grateful appreciation to the Heritage Lottery Fund
for their generous support for our island's 60th V-Day Anniversary programme of commemoration.
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