The Tirpitz Raid ("Operation Source")
"X-class" craft were designed and built to attack the key Nazi battleships
(including KMS Tirpitz & KMS Scharnhorst, and the pocket battleship KMS Lutzow)
"Operation Source" - attacking the pride of the German battle-fleet
"Operation Source" - more details
The awsome Tirpitz (facts, figures & photos)
The secret mission to blow up German warships in the fjords of Norway (many excellent additional links at the end of the article)
Submariners pay tribute to wartime X-men 70 years after daring Tirpitz raid
X-Craft attack on the German battleship Tirpitz
Details of the heroic Tirpitz mission
The men and the craft involved in "Operation Source"
British midget submarine attack on the Tirpitz
Commander John Lorimer remembers the night he helped blow up the Tirpitz
"Tirpitz: The Lost Heroes" (4-part video of the X-Craft attack on the Tirpitz, including much documentary footage - make allowance for buffering at the beginning)
The story of unsurpassed heroism
HMS Varbel - HQ of the 12th Submarine Flotilla (X-Craft) in Port Bannatyne on Bute (the luxury 88-bedroomed Kyles Hydro Hotel requisitoned by the Admiralty)
World War Two - X-Boat Heroes
The fate of the doomed midget submarine "X-5" on the Terpitz raid (and the failure to award its intrepid commander, Lt. H. Henty-Creer, any posthumous honour)
"The X Factor"(Diving to find "X-5")
War Memorial plaque to the memory of the 39 midget submariners who died in action (who had trained in Port Bannatyne on the Isle of Bute)
HMS Varbel Memorial Garden in Port Bannatyne (in memory of midget submariners)
The detailed account of ALL the military attempts (air and sea) to sink the Tirpitz (including a useful timeline)
British Pathe Newsreel about the life and death of the Tirpitz (showing RN midget submarines, FAA, and RAF attacks)
'Earthquake Bombs' Flip Over 'Unsinkable' German Battleship Tirpitz

X-craft (Midget Submarines) facts and specs.
"Tirpitz: The Lost Heroes" (4-part video of the X-Craft attack on the Tirpitz, including much documentary footage - make allowance for buffering at the beginning)
Details of Britain's only surviving Midget Submarine (X-Craft)
Details of Midget submarines lost in action
X-craft - Design, specifications, builders, service, etc.
Video clip an X-craft wreck on a beach in Scotland
Further background on Midget Submarines (X-Craft): including later operations
More facts and figures on Midget Submarines (X-Craft)
Movie clip describing the X-craft [from the movie "Submarine X-1"(1969)]
Midget (X-Craft) training simulator - The 'Attack Teacher' facility in Port Bannatyne


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